You Can Now Create Personalized Email with own Domain using Google Apps

Google Domains now offers custom emails with its apps. In 2015, Google Domains launched a beta that allows you to create custom emails that bear your registered domain names.

As a Client, you now have an opportunity to set up custom email addresses channeled through Gmail. This means that as a customer you can add custom emails to your registered sites. For instance, through the Google domains, you can add email addresses such as,, etc.

Through the custom email, Google Domains enables you to integrate your website with Google Apps. Through the custom email, the client can access all the Google Apps for work suite which includes Gmail, shared calendars, Google Doc, spreadsheets, drive, and the entire Google office suite including the hangouts. Here’s some of the most popular articles that you can check: 4 Things to Consider Before Buying Expired Domain Names

The custom emails on Google apps for work also comes with several benefits to the users. First, you can use the Google apps to manage your emails. The Google apps are right to direct on your phone making it easier to administer your business emails through the Gmail app even when offline. Also, it offers 30 aliases emails for each user plus an email storage of up to 30 GB which is reliable in comparison with other domain providers’ services.

What’s its significance?

The integration also offers business an opportunity to manage their daily activities using the Google calendar. Further, as a client, you are now able to use hangouts for video chats and voice calls. You can talk with your clients and customers using your business emails. This is a significant advancement which is not available in with other domain resellers.

Importantly, the Google Domain custom emails on apps for work will transform the way business send emails. The integration will make it easier to use Outlook to send business emails as it can sync old Outlook accounts. Again, Gmail security protects the business from spam emails through its filters. This reduces chances of getting spammers accessing your website through emails.

Further, integration Google Domains with custom emails in apps for work will enhance business productivity. As a client, you can share your work through Google Doc and Spreadsheets meaning that it strengthens cooperation in your business. Also, the integration eliminates chances of business emails ending up in the spam folder. Hence, it will enhance professionalism and productivity of the business.

In whole, custom emails in Google Apps for Work offered on the Google domain will transform the email sending and site management. The integration will boost site security through barring spams. It will also enhance reliability through removing delays and offering enough email storage. Lastly, through custom emails, your business will appear more professional leading to increased productivity.

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