How to Price Domains for Sale: Determine the Price of Your Domain

How to calculate the price of your domain name? Read this article and discover how to determine the value of your domain!

The real value of a certain domain name can vary from a few dollars to a few thousands of dollars. However, the value of the domain is like a real estate, if you can find an excellent opportunity to buy a domain, don’t hesitate to buy it, as you can sell that domain for a much bigger price in the future.

The biggest challenge when it comes to pricing the domains for sale is calculating their real value. An unofficial rule is that a certain domain is worth whatever the buyer is willing to pay for that domain. Still, you need to know how to price the domain, before you put that domain on sale. You can’t undervalue your domain as you will lose money and not make a profit at all, and the potential customers may avoid your domain as they will probably think it is banned by Google or it would probably never going to rank higher on Google. The same problem is with overpricing your domain. No one will buy your domain as they will think your only goal is to make a profit and not to help someone start their online business.

So, is there a way to determine the price of your domain name?

Yes, you can use appraisal services. These services will allow you to enter the domain name and suggest you a price that they think it is the best. The appraisal services calculate the price automatically based on SEO factors such as the number of searches, keywords, cost per click, monthly searches, Alexa rank, and etc.

After using the appraisal services you can calculate the price for your domain name for sale easier. Here are a few signs that show you have a great and sellable domain:

  • Good TLD – Of you have a good top-level domain such as .com you can get a better price for your domain.
  • Short Length – The shorter your domain is, the higher its price should be.
  • Important Keywords – The keywords always increase the value of the domains.

These are the 3 most important factors that prove your domain name is valuable and you can sell it without a problem. Consider these factors and you will be able to calculate the price of your domain!

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