What is more Suitable for Language Specific Sites - Subdomains or Subfolders

Read this article and discover what option should you choose when it comes to language specific sites – subdomains or subfolders?

If you are wondering which solution is better for your language specific sites – subdomains or subfolders you have come to the right place. In order to point you in the right direction, we are going to use an example, so you can understand what language specific sites actually mean.

So, let’s suppose that you are launching and org.hk website with English and Chinese variants. Considering the fact that the local population is speaking both languages, you probably would prefer not to use separate domain names and you are considering the option of using subdomains or subfolders. A preferable idea and an accepted solution among most of the people, in this case, would be to use subfolders, however, you are having second thoughts because there are certain individuals who suggested you that you should make an exception and use subdomains instead. The subdomains are a perfect solution for language-specific sites.

So, the question here is whether or not subdomains should be preferred when it comes to language specific sites? What should you do?

First of all, you need to understand that it is extremely important to make the right decision. If you make a mistake and choose the wrong option, you may face several problems such as low ranking, losing your website visitors, losing customers, and etc. That is why we always suggest everyone to consult with professionals and experts who can explain the difference between subdomains and subfolders so you can know what you will lose and what will you achieve by using either subdomains or subfolders.

We’ve already consult with a few experts and the answer is that subfolders is definitely the way to go. The reason is because subfolders have links from all parts of the website including the different language sections. If you decide to use subdomains over subfolders, your ranking might change between two different languages. You need to keep in mind that subdomains are used in situations where they should differentiate the main domain name, core business company, and purpose.

If it is just language, we confirm you that subfolder is without a doubt the right decision.

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Why Use a Subfolder Over a Subdomain?

Besides using subfolders over subdomains for creating language specific sites, many people would like to know why use subfolders over a subdomain for SEO as well.

There is a theory that says that the original domain name and the subdomain will have a chance to rank in a similar topic and that is the reason why they can dominate Google and other search engines. However, this theory is actually not true, as in practice it is completely the opposite.

All this theory is doing is spreading out the inbound links across two websites, therefore putting in jeopardy the opportunity for these websites to rank.

Here is an example: You have decided to use a subdomain for your blog and you have around 50 good backlinks that head to your primary domain. Let’s suppose that you have managed to obtain new 50 good backlinks to the subdomain. With this number of backlinks, your primary domain and your subdomain have a domain authority and now your second page will get you some traffic. But, if you decided to use subfolders instead of domains you will manage to achieve 100 backlinks to your primary domain. This will definitely increase your domain authority.

Can you spot the difference now between subdomains and subfolders and why you should prefer using subfolders for SEO?

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